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Being Scammed vs Blockchain Tech

After being scammed in this year of my last Bitcoin, I discovered it and since then I love the Blockchain tech. ☹

Recently, the Colombian Senate held a debate on cryptocurrencies and blockchain as “mechanisms to modernize the digital economy” on Wednesday, June 7, 2018.

Yeah, yeah, the truth is that,
The difficulty in really understanding the concept of Blockchain has made many stand afar and gaze at the industry.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that understanding the Blockchain itself is a problem.
But yet, we have passed that stage.


I have explained it for complete Blockchain Nerds – a kindergarten Blockchain orientation you will ever live to remember.

The spotlight is that we are now in the era of its pure application – The Blockchain Technology on Projects.


Perhaps, you may want to ask what’s is so special about the Blockchain that we haven’t had an already laid down solution.

The answer to the question is, are we satisfied with the current situation we are in, in terms of securities, data breaches, patent protection, transit, health Medicare and etc.?

Before you answer.

This is what a true Blockchain believer had to say “Consider how cyber-security institutes are struggling to fight cybercrime such as skimming, Bitcoin exchange heists and etc.

Just of recent, a small Korean exchange was hacked with millions of dollars lost which many believed affected the price of Bitcoin.

Also, think about how the data protection analysis of Europe through the GDPR process rose from 20 million to 200 Million participants”.

To the question still hangs on you, do you think we need a technology like a Blockchain to fight all the aforementioned challenges?

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