What Is Dogethereum?

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Dogethereum is a brand-new cryptocurrency that is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It will be created on the snapshot of the popular Dogecoin. It’s going to be built on the powerful and well-respected ETHalgorithm because of it’s ultra-fast transaction speed. Another reason it’s based on Ethereum’s platforms because of the use of smart contracts. The main goal of the company is to push the current Doge currencies in a different direction than it’s previously been on. One of the main reasons is to eliminate the somewhat hated ASIC mining and to give it a new type of quickness and level of ease for newbies.

How Does Dogethereum Dodge + Ethereum Named Coin Work?

Based on Doge, one of the most popular and proven cryptocurrencies on the market. Doge has already proven to be a trustworthy platform for anyone interested in getting involved in the cryptocurrency space. You’ll basically be able to get the same amount of DOGX that can be used on Ethereum based wallets with the same ease of use and functionality.

The project is completely community driven with no ICOs, no premiums, hidden fees, agendas or any type of manipulations whatsoever. DOGX is also being developed by a highly specialized, well-trained team of cryptocurrency engineers, professionals and real-time economists who are dedicated to improving the way the cryptocurrency industry functions. There are no added commissions, fees or stakes that have been predefined.

The project is going to start free for everyone, use simple GPU mining with the goal of helping every day people make good profits. Token prices are predicted to elevate in price once the power of their smart contracts is proven and seen in real-time applications.

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