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Mining is the core part of decentralized blockchain currencies, such as Dogethereum. Miners are those who create new blocks, process transactions in the network and receive the reward for this work. Base reward for a created block is 3 DOGX coins. Because there were no premises or ICOs, developers earn 0.3 coins per mined block. Also, miner gets an award for block uncles and gas, spent for the transaction.

There are 3 ways to start mine:

  • Mine on CPU. It’s slow but possible way at the beginning of Dogethereum project, while difficulty is low. The only software needed for this is official GETH application.
  • Mine on GPU. Graphics chip mining is recommended a way for an EThash algorithm which empowers Dogethereum. In addition to your Dogethereum node started with GETH, you need software from third parties, i.e. Ethereum compatible GPU miners.
  • Mine in Pool. When difficulty rises and it’s harder to create a block, join Pool to share mining power and split mining reward. Detailed info on how to join pool read in Dogethereum official thread on Software and guides for starting own pool can be found in Downloads page on our website
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