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Dogethereum Wallet copies your Dogecoins with rate 10000 DOGE : 1 DOGX if you had it before Dogethereum coin release. To do so follow simple steps:

0) Before you start it’s recommended to remove all coins from your address to new address after release of Dogethereum Coin. Now you can safely transfer your old address to Dogethereum Wallet.

1) Open Dogecoin Core, press Help->Debug window

2) In Debug window type

  • walletpassphrase WALLET_PASSWORD
  • dumpprivkey your_address
  • copy just appeared private key in txt file

Download and launch Dogethereum Wallet from official repository. It will download main components and you are ready to continue. Now just open Terminal (Win+R, type CMD on Windows) and type next lines:

1) cd %APPDATA%\Dogethereum Wallet\binaries\Geth\unpacked This will select default directory with downloaded Dogethereum node

2) geth account import C:\my_path_to_key\privkey.txt

This will make node to import your old Dogecoin key and make new Dogethereum Coin key. You will have new address but same balance as you had in Dogecoin divided by 10000.

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