How Does Bounty for ICOs Work ?

Updated on December 24, 2018 in ICOs
0 on December 27, 2018

Does anyone know more about this, how it works – have seen ICOs on Reddit offering tokens if you share about their coins, like X tokens per tweet if you have so many followers, etc.

Has anyone done this? I have seen some huge accounts tracking this stuff around, but, it looks like it’s potentially a part-time job or even a full time one. And how many of the tokens will finally turn out to be valuable?

Mind you I did see a lot of posts in something like Russian, and maybe it’s a way to get tokens which could turn out to be more useful for a long-term hold, than your local fiat… I mean, they are not the sort of tokens, in every case, that you’d wanna spend U$D on.

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