Dogethereum is a New Bridge Protocol for Dogecoin and Ethereum

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Dogecoin is about to jump on the proverbial Ethereum Bandwagon as it gets ready for its blockchain. The move has taken more than a year for developers to get everything in order for the jump. The new update allows Ethereum and Doge to work together as one unit.

Developers who are excited about the new partnership and want to see how it’s being coded, can do so on the open sourced Dogethereum user’s guide available through Github. It’s noted that more bugs will likely show before launch, as as well as new improvements not mentioned on Github’s guide to the partnership. Also, at this point – people using valuable coins should be wary – as there is a potential for loss while the bridge of the two platforms takes place.

As the two forces collaborate, new superblock inspired protocols are going to be used for the purpose of transactions. The hashes are derived into a single block via a Merkle tree, which is used to improve storage abilities rather than using unique headers for each (which takes more space). Demo versions of the new system are set to launch early September through a live stream.

On a side note, one possibility pointed out by the community at Dogecoin was overlap in Dogethereum. That may be due to the community still be in the shadows about the new collaboration, for the most part. One thing for sure is that there is no relation to the potential hard fork mentioned earlier this year to create DOGX Coin and the new platform. Dogethereum is an entirely unrelated project for now.

Unfortunately, there is some confusion happening in the community. Apparently, as the supposed hard forked DOGX coin has shown up, it’s calling itself Dogethereum now. But, this is inaccurate, because as I mentioned, it is of no relation. It’s also important to note that at this time, although a hard fork was indicated, it hasn’t actually occurred yet. Dogecoin has no hard fork of any kind to keep things clear. The use of the same name could be a coincidence. Still, others relay that the fake Dogecoin was made on purpose, by users attempting to copy the new token name – in an attempt to make quick money – capitalizing off the new bridges publicity.

Regardless of how the name copy happened, there are others as well who are launching their own protocol of the new partnership. One of which is an art project that is creating the physical version of the new organization. It’s a contest of sorts where the winner gets their art placed in the public space.

At the same time, even the art project is completely independent of the real Dogethereum project said to launch a live demo in September, as all are any others you come across. Basically, there is only one Dogethereum bridge happening right now, and it has nothing to do with a tangible version or a hard fork.

What do you think about the new transactional bridge being gapped? Leave your thoughts on the matter in the subject below.

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