Bitcoin 10th birthday- how do you feel about that ?

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On November 1st, 2018 Beijing time, the Bitcoin white paper was released for a full decade.

Friends who have been involved in the blockchain field and cryptocurrencies in the early years have now had wealth or achievements. Some of them are still busy in this field and rushing for better development.

I have prepared some questions and look forward to your sharing.

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How would you answer?


Questions include:

  1. What kind of emotion do you have with the past 10 years of life and the story of Bitcoin?

  2. Make a toast to Bitcoin’s 10th birthday.

  3. What day is the most impressive day, what happened? 4. What technical breakthroughs will the blockchain have in the next decade? What is the most likely area for large-scale application?

  4. Imagine a scene of the blockchain world after 10 years. How would you describe it?

  5. Please freely imagine the price of Bitcoin in 2028.

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